Trademark/Brand Requirements

For any SNI and SDPPI Certification, a Trademark/Brand Certificate issued by Indonesian Trademark Authority or at least a proof of Trademark/Brand Registration is one

K3L Product Registration (MoT)

A new mandatory regulation under Indonesia Ministry of Trade (MoT) has recently released in regards to the K3L Product Registration.  Highlights of

SNI Mandatory List (MoI)

Regulation of Indonesia Ministry of Industry (MoI) SNI Safety ·        Electric Household Appliances e.g. Electric Iron, Washing Machine, Air-Conditioner,   

SNI Mandatory List (MoE)

Regulation of Indonesia Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources (MoE) SNI Safety ·        Photovoltaic Module (Solar Panel)

Indonesia Economic Outlook

Indonesia’s Recent Growth Indonesia is in the throes of a rapid transformation, swept along by its position at the heart of

SNI Toy Certification

Indonesia recently mandated the use of Indonesian National Standards for Toys under specific Harmonised System (HS Tariff) Codes. It includes requirements