Manual & Warranty Card Registration (MoT)

A new update mandatory regulation under Indonesia Ministry of Trade (MoT) has recently released in regards to the User Manual & Warranty Card Registration.

Highlights of Regulation

I. The new regulation of User Manual & Warranty Card Registration (No. 38 year 2019) is mandatory to be implemented starting on November 27th, 2019.

II. This regulation is valid for Electronics and Telematics products and shall be applied prior to market distribution.

III. User Manual & Warranty Card shall be in Indonesian language prior to registration.

IV. The registration number stated in the Registration Letter shall be attached/labeled on the User Manual & Warranty Card.

V. No validity of Registration Letter as long as there’s no change of type/model.

VI. As per attachment of the regulation, there are 75 type of Electronics and Telematics products subject for this regulation.

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