SNI Toy Certification

Indonesia recently mandated the use of Indonesian National Standards for Toys under specific Harmonised System (HS Tariff) Codes. It includes requirements of product certification and the use of the Indonesian National Standard Certification Mark – SNI Mark. The regulation takes effect on 02 October 2013 under the regulation of Indonesia Minister of Industry No: 24/M/IND/PER/4/2013.

Toys are defined as products or materials designed and intended for children up to the age of 14 with consideration on the normal behaviour of a child as well as the possibility of improper usage in       accordance with the habits of a child.

Based on regulation, imported Toys shall be following the certification scheme of System 1b :

  • certification shall be done per each shipment ;
  • sampling activities for laboratory testing’s purpose shall be done at the manufacturer’s premises in the country of origin ;
  • no requirements of factory audit/inspection.

Certificate will be issued by a Product Certification Body (LSPro) accredited by the Indonesia National Accreditation Body (KAN) and designated by the Indonesia Ministry of Industry.

Upon issuance of the SNI certificate, the manufacturer shall affix the SNI mark on each product and/or main packaging. It is also obliged to comply with the labelling requirements accordance with the requirements under Ministry of Trade No: 22/M-DAG/PER/5/2010.

Highlights of the standards and requirements as well as the scope of toy products with specific HS codes are summarized in Tables 1 and 2, respectively.

Table 1 – SNI standards and requirements of toy safety

table 1

Table 2 – Type of Toys including its HS Code 

table 2

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