SDPPI Approval



Under National Telecommunication Act No. 36 year 1999, certificate of approval is required for ITE and Telecommunication equipment to be sold or imported into Indonesian market. The certificate of approval is issued by Directorate General of Resources and Equipment for Post and Information Technology (SDPPI) or in Indonesia called Direktur Jenderal Sumber Daya dan Perangkat Pos dan Informatika.

Certifications are granted at the system (host) level and the certificate is valid for each type or model number of equipment while product or model series certificate or type approval is not acceptable as     stated in Ministerial Regulation No. 29/PER/M.KOMINFO/09/2008 as annex to the act No. 36 year 1999.

In-Country Testing is required prior to certificate issuance by SDPPI. RF/Telecom Test is mandatory while EMC is still considering voluntary. The test will require 2 (two) samples of equipment and it will be      conducted by local SDPPI laboratory.

Approval test will be based on Indonesia’s own national standards called KEPDIRJEN (Director General’s Decree) or SNI (Indonesian National Standard). Most of the standards are adopted from recognised         international standards.

Due to the language barrier as well as complexity of SDPPI approval process, we are keen to provide a professional service in order to help and support organisations to fulfil SDPPI approval requirements.

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